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Our Native Peoples - The Interior Salish

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Our Native Peoples - The Interior Salish

by the British Columbia Department of Education

ISBN: 978-0-9812906-1-4
55 pages 6.5 x 9 inches

$ 10.95 CDN

This small book was originally published in 1952 by the British Columbia Department of Education to help alleviate “the acute lack of information concerning the original inhabitants of our Province”. As such, it gives a somewhat cursory, but mostly accurate description of the Interior Salish peoples before European contact. In 2009, the information contained in this book was still no easier to obtain, and therefore we are offering a reprint of it.

It is a general volume on the entire Interior Salish group of nations, but contains some specific information on the Upper and Lower Thompson groups. It covers such topics as Subsistence, Religion, Shamanism, Family Life, Community Life and more.

It has maps of the general language boundaries of the native peoples of British Columbia and the groups of the Interior Salish, as well as four photographs and a diagram of a “pit house”.

Although mostly uncredited, much of the material was based on James Teit's work.

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