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Archaeology of Lytton

by Harlan I. Smith

ISBN: 978-0-9812906-8-3
44 pages 8 x 10 inches

$ 15.00 CDN

Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History
Volume II — Anthropology I The Jesup North Pacific Expedition
Archæology of Lytton, British Columbia
By Harlan I. Smith
May 25, 1899

This volume has been reprinted from an original print of the material by Harlan Ingersoll Smith and the text and illustrations are presented in the same size as the original, making the comments on artifact size relevant.

The intent of this reprint is to provide easier access to this important segment of the history and culture of the First Nations people of the Lytton area. The information in this memoir was gathered when Smith was with the Jesup North Pacific Expedition from 1897 to 1899. The Pacific Northwest team consisted of Frans Boas, Harlan Ingersoll Smith, Livingston Farrand, John Reed Swanton, and British Columbians George Hunt and James Teit.

During this period he identified and explored many important archaeological sites in the Pacific Northwest. Although primitive to archaeologists in the twenty-first century, Smith’s methods were leading edge in the late 1800s.

He collected many artifacts and was careful to record them and their surroundings to give context. Mr. R. Weber’s drawings were reproduced to illustrate the text. Smith was assisted in the field by Mr. Charles Hill-Tout and Mr. J.J. Oakes.

In 1911, Harlan I. Smith joined the Geological Survey of Canada as head of its archaeology division. During his time there, he pioneered ethnographic film-making, anthropological photography and museum education.

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